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Translation 2.1

The three models presented for Translation 2.1 and 2.2 were inspired by the words "buff" and "vulnerable". These two words contrast slightly, contributing to a thought-provoking physical expression. The rockite model was created from a cardboard mold, lined with painter's tape. Inflated balloons were placed inside to form interior spaces. The painter's tape created texture on the surface of the rockite model, resembling the texture of wood. The wood model was made from scraps found in the FabLab woodshop. The pieces were cut from a singular piece of wood with the bandsaw, sanded to bring out the wood grain and to create sharp points at one end, further emphasizing the word "buff". The pieces were then glued together in an abstract fashion, allowing the model to be displayed in multiple orientations. The soft-material model was created from wire braided into fabric scraps. The wire allowed for the model to be manipulated, even in its finished state. This allows for the soft-material model to morph and emulate the other two models created for this assignment.

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