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7:41 AM: rise, 2023

Olivia Quintero's Fall 2023 independent study documentary "7:41 AM: rise" explores the foundations of friendship between Charlottesville hot air balloonist, Mandy Baskin and crew chief, Holly Layne. 

Catharsis, 2022

"How do we cope when it all unravels?"

Directed by Olivia Quintero, "Catharsis" explores feelings of intense emotions through cyclical elements. Using animation, double exposure, blending modes, and thread, this experimental film is intended for the viewer to think deeply and interpret its conceptual ideas in a way that is uniquely personal to them. Catharsis has been an official selection in All American High School Film Festival, 1:11 High School Film Festival, and the VHSL Film Festival.

Metamorphosis, 2023

Directed by Olivia Quintero, "Metamorphosis" is a haiku film that experiments with the complexity of double exposure, using 16mm film.

Pond Water, 2023

Directed by Olivia Quintero, "Pond Water" is a 16mm short film that plays with color and sound.

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